Health insurance plans do not always cover everything. Cancer in particular can be a very expensive disease to treat. There are certain types of plans, called cancer insurance plans, that may help you meet some of those financial needs. Cancer plans can cover both medical and nonmedical needs. Learn more today about whether a cancer plan is right for you.

Cancer Plan Overview

Cancer is obviously a devastating disease. Although only one person may get the disease, it really affects the entire family, both emotionally and financially. Getting cancer insurance can help you get the coverage you need to keep your family financially secure. Essentially, you apply for a policy with an insurance company. If you are accepted, you then pay a monthly premium. You are then covered if you have cancer. Some employers also have cancer insurance for their employees. Typical benefits include:

Lump-sum payments you can use how you want

An annual health screening benefit

Paid benefits for initial diagnosis and for if the cancer returns

Guaranteed acceptance if you are actively employed when you apply

Easy claims processing and convenient payroll deduction

Portable coverage should you leave your current employer

These benefits will allow you to breathe a little easier knowing that your family has some financial protection if you get cancer.

Is Cancer Insurance Worth it?

Cancer insurance is not right for everyone. If you have excellent health coverage on your existing health insurance, you will not need to purchase cancer insurance. However, if your coverage is not top notch, you may want to consider this additional coverage. Additionally, a lump sum cancer plan will pay for more than just your medical needs, meaning it could be financially beneficial for you. 


The American Cancer Society estimated that in 2020, 1.8 million people would receive a cancer diagnosis in the United States and approximately 606,520 Americans would die from a cancer-related illness. You never know if you will be affected. Contact us today at InvoBH to find out if cancer insurance is right for you.

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