Cost of Cremation

Funeral expenses can quickly add up, making for an unwelcome surprise during an already stressful time. There are different costs depending on what type of funeral you’re planning on having. Cremation costs are typically less than burial costs due to the different methods used and materials needed. There are also miscellaneous and optional costs associated with funerals that you can opt in or out of to meet your budget. Read on to learn more about your funeral costs.

Costs of a Funeral

Funerals can be very expensive. These costs can differ depending on whether you have a funeral with a burial or a funeral with cremation.

With no cremation casket and urn, the total cost of a funeral with cremation is around $5,150. With the casket and urn, the average cost is $6,645. 

Miscellaneous expenses are often harder to predict. These include flowers, obituaries, a grave plot, burial wreaths, the reception, a monument/marker, church service donation, and opening and closing of the grave. You can adjust many of these items to fit your budget.

Options for Funeral Expenses

While funerals aren’t cheap, there are ways to reduce your family’s out-of-pocket costs. Certain insurance types, such as whole life insurance, burial insurance, and preneed insurance can help your family.

Whole Life Insurance
These large policies ($50,000 and up) build up a cash value over time, allowing your family to pay for your funeral in addition to covering many other costs. You have to apply for traditional life insurance to get approved. 

Final Expense Insurance
These are small, whole life insurance policies ($2,000-$50,000). Also called burial insurance, these policies can help your family pay for end-of-life costs, like funeral expenses and medical bills. It’s affordable life insurance for seniors who want to leave their loved ones with positive memories, not financial burdens, when they pass away.  

Preneed Insurance
Not really insurance in the typical sense, pre-need insurance only applies to your funeral expenses. You essentially prepay your funeral by making an agreement with a specific funeral home. Your family may have to pay for very limited expenses, depending on your agreement.

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