Is Medicare Mandatory?

Medicare, even Parts A and B, is not mandatory if you choose to opt-out. However, you may face certain late enrollment penalties and issues if you enroll later on.

There are, however, a lot of follow-up questions to this simple answer. Let’s take a closer look at Medicare as non-mandatory and what that means for you.

Reasons To Opt-Out of Medicare

Because Medicare is not mandatory, you may be wondering why someone would want to opt-out. Compared to other options, Medicare, specifically Parts A and B, costs next-to-nothing. Once you’re enrolled, you will pay:

$1,484 Yearly Deductible for Part A

$203 Yearly Deductible for Part B

$148.50 Monthly Premium for Part B

Applicable Coinsurance/Copayment Contributions

Sometimes, however, when an individual becomes eligible, they still choose not to enroll. Why is that? In most cases, it is because the individual is still working and/or receiving healthcare coverage from their employer.

Why You Should Still Enroll in Medicare

Even if you are still covered by employer health insurance or will have trouble making payments, you should carefully consider your Medicare options before choosing to opt-out:

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