Dental Vision Hearing

Generally speaking, Medicare does not cover dental, vision, and hearing. However, some Advantage plans offer limited coverage.

What Original Medicare Covers

Original Medicare dental, vision, and hearing coverage is tricky. Without going over the federal bills in place for it, any services in these areas are covered if they are considered “medically necessary.”

What Medicare Advantage Covers

Medicare Advantage plans cover a bit more. They, of course, still cover basic exams. They may offer a few extra benefits, such as copayments/coinsurance for said exams. Many providers will leave exact benefits vague, and instead simply say that those benefits are available. If you see this, be sure to take a closer look at what they have to offer, and see if it actually includes the coverage you’re looking for.

However, there are times when additional benefits, such as dental, vision, or hearing coverage can be added to your Medicare Advantage plan at no extra cost to you.

Other Insurance Options

While this may still be better than no dental, vision, or hearing coverage, it is not necessarily your only option. 

You may also qualify for additional coverage through Medicaid. If you do, especially if you are enrolled in a Dual-Eligible Special Needs Plan (D-SNP), you will likely receive more dental, vision, and hearing coverage at a lower cost than other providers.

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