Medicare Supplement Plan Comparison

Whether you’re on a fixed income or enjoying wealth in your golden years, you can benefit from a Medicare Supplement plan. The plans are designed for ALL seniors from all walks of life — to get protection from the gaps in Medicare coverage.  

As a consumer, you have many options for purchasing Medigap insurance. You can do research and shop around online, spending hours filling out the same forms for quotes. Or, you can let an expert agency like InvoBH do the hard work for you. We can help you compare multiple Medicare Supplement plans, prices, and carriers.

Why Compare?

All 10 available plans are standardized by Medicare — meaning that each one offers identical benefits no matter where you live or which carrier is issuing your policy. The only difference is the price. To get the price you need, you should compare Medigap plans with a licensed professional, and see how much you can save.

Plans A, B, K and L

* This out-of-pocket limit can change from year to year.

** Plan N has up to a $20 copay for doctor’s office visits and up to a $50 copay for emergency room visits.

Plans F, G, and N Provide the Most Benefits

Everyone has different health and financial needs. If you’re looking for the Medicare Supplement plan with the most coverage, you’ll want to compare rates for Plans F, G, and N. 

Plan F is the most comprehensive, but it’s only available to people who were eligible for Medicare before January 1, 2020. For newly eligible folks, Plans G and N are good alternatives.

Plans A, B, K and L

If you’re more concerned about the cost, you’ll want to look at supplements A, B, K, and L. Plan A provides the smallest list of benefits overall, but at one of the lowest price points. 

If you want a little more coverage than this but don’t want to pay much more, consider Plan B — it covers everything from Part A, including your Part A deductible.

Plans K and L, on the other hand, have a longer list of benefits, but at a smaller percentage for a lower cost. What this means is, rather than covering 100% of the cost of the benefit, it will cover 50-75% of it. This reduces your monthly payments for the plan while still offering a variety of coverage.

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Compare Medigap Plans with a Licensed Expert

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